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The Adventures of myiMart

Dance To The Beat

Do you have your dancing shoes on? If not, it’s best you go get it and put ‘em on. That is because Pet Shop Boys’ first single, Axis, is taking us to the clubs. If anything, I’m expecting to have a great time on the dance floor. Being unfamiliar with their work, my first thought [...]

Kids Craze

Kids, most of the time, are good at sabotaging stuffs such as your neatly folded newspapers and your carefully-picked vases of flowers. They could be monsters but they are also good at one thing as adults we might have forgotten how to – to have fun. Let out your inner child once in a while [...]

Essential Beauty Tips You Should Know (myiMart Beauty Series)

1. Bet you didn’t know this but eye cream has that extra-moisturising effect to cure dry cuticles. So instead of buying a separate cream just for your cuticles, just use the one you already have. 2. Whether it’s a shower, or pool or lake, it is strongly advised that you apply some sort of cream [...]

The Final Winner

Chloe Lim you are our final winner for our 1st year anniversary contest! We wish you the heartiest congratulations and thank you for the constant support! Not sure if it’s you? Don’t worry if you have purchased something from us the past week then you are definitely our winner. Make sure you check your inbox [...]

No Time like the Present

How long has it been since you last saw or talked to your parents? Adapting to the busy and fast-paced lifestyle in the cities, many devote most of their time to work or study in hopes of a better future; everyone has that big Malaysian dream in them – we can all make it one [...]

5th Week Winner

If your name is Esther Chong, then we wish you the heartiest congratulations! There is probably a handful of Esther Chongs out there, so don’t worry we have your contact (just to be on the safe side). And if you have purchased something from us the past week then you are definitely our winner. Make [...]

Burning the fat away

Are you unhappy with the excessive belly fat poking out? Well, our first advise to you would be to stop being unhappy and DO something about it. Yep, the first step is recognizing and realising a course of action. One such device to assist you on your journey of weight loss is the Velform Sauna [...]

4th Week Winner

Folks, we have officially announced our 4th week winner and congratulations to Angelia Lim! Make sure you check your inbox as we will be emailing you details on how to redeem your prize. Thanks again for your continuous support and patronage! The 5th week’s winner will be announced shortly so make sure you stay tuned [...]

3rd Week’s Winner

Congratulations to Siew Inn, be sure to keep a look out for an email from us on how to redeem your prize. Once again we would like to congratulate you Siew Inn for being the 3rd week’s winner. We thank you again for shopping at myiMart and we look forward to your patronage. We are now in our fourth week of the contest [...]

Iron Man 3. Nuff Said.

26th of May will officially be the first day of the summer blockbuster season for 2013 (though technically we don’t have summers here in Malaysia but that doesn’t mean we can’t expect a great line up of movies in the next coming months) and Iron Man 3 was the right movie to kick things off, and [...]

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